Fix for laptop boot issue

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Fix for laptop boot issue

Standartinė robert1833 » Tre Geg 26, 2021 12:57 pm

The screen stays black after waking from sleep or hibernate despite the power indicator being on, and the other buttons (e.g. Airplane mode) still functioning. If I connect it to an external monitor the computer is actually running as normal (though, the original micro HDMI port does not function, and I have to use a USB to HDMI adapter). The issue happens whether or not I am plugged into power.

This has continued over the last few years and is not getting better or worse, and seems to happen randomly.: it will occur every time the laptop wakes on some days, and then not again for a week or more. I don't have any other display issues (no flickering etc)

The only way to fix it temporarily is to hold the power button for 45-60s and then release, forcing a reboot. The solution was suggested by geek squad appointment team, he also suggested that this will be permanent fixed after physical check.

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